Report: Military Justice

Second-rate Justice – Criminal justice, complaints and human rights myths in the armed forces

Military Justice – Second-rate Justice is a comprehensive report on the military justice system, revealing that UK service men and women continue to be badly failed by the Armed Forces’ in-house policing and legal systems, especially where rape and other serious offences are concerned.

The report details significant flaws in the way the Armed Forces deal with some of the most sensitive and serious criminal cases involving service personnel.

It damningly highlights the military’s deep-rooted preference for its own internal and inadequate Service Justice System (SJS) – which includes the Service Police, the military’s own police forces consisting of the Royal Military Police, Royal Naval Police and the RAF Police – and its hostility to outside scrutiny from more experienced civilian police and prosecutors.

Despite the fact that the civilian justice system should take priority over the military system, the report demonstrates that this is not happening and paints a picture of a ‘boys’ club’ approach to justice in the Armed Forces that prevents the impartial and effective investigation of some of the most serious cases.

Download Military Justice Report – February 2019 (PDF)