Our work

How we achieve change

We are campaigners, lawyers and policy experts who work together to hold the powerful to account, protect rights and challenge abuse of power wherever we find it.

We give people information, advice and tools to defend their own rights and those of their family, friends and communities.

We do this through a combination of public campaigning, test case litigation, Parliamentary work and policy analysis and providing free legal advice and information.

Challenging unjust laws, policies and practices

Whenever a new law, policy or practice threatens people’s rights or freedom – or offers a chance to end an injustice – we make sure those in power know what’s at stake and how they can take action.

We provide parliamentarians with detailed briefings on Bills going through Parliament, respond to government consultations and give expert written and oral evidence to parliamentary committees.

We meet regularly with frontbench and backbench MPs, peers and decision makers to make sure they always keep rights, freedom, dignity and equality in mind when making laws and policies.

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Empowering and defending people and communities

We’re one of the only campaigning organisations in the UK that makes change by challenging injustice and defending our rights in the courts.

Our landmark cases help dismantle laws, policies and practices that violate people’s rights – and fight for justice for people who have been let down by those in power.

We also provide free legal advice [link to A&I] and information to members of the public.

We work closely with a diverse group of campaigners, grassroots organisations and people with first-hand experience of the issues we campaign on.

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Influencing public policy and informing decision makers

We run campaigns to raise awareness of threats to our rights and influence national debate – and we inform decision makers and the public by speaking out in the press and on social media and publishing high-profile reports.

Our members and supporters all over the UK are at the heart of this work. By pressing their MPs to stand up for our rights, taking campaign actions and influencing our work at our annual members’ conference, they make our voice stronger and help us make real, lasting change.

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