Supporter promise

Our promise to you

Your generosity makes our work possible. We value your support hugely, whether it’s taking an action, being a member, making a donation or attending one of our events.

Liberty has always campaigned tirelessly to defend personal privacy – and we’re committed to protecting yours and treating you with respect and openness at all times.

We will always:

Respect your privacy

If you don’t want us to communicate with you in a particular way, or no longer want to hear from us, just get in touch to let us know. Email us at or call us on 020 7378 3663.

Protect your data

We only collect necessary data – we store it securely and never share it for fundraising and marketing purposes.

Be transparent with how we spend your money

We will share with you how your money is spent and the impact it has, so you can be confident that we are using your donations as effectively as possible.

Be here to receive your feedback

Our membership staff are here to take your calls and answer your emails. If you change your address or need to update your details, or if you’d like to give us any feedback, just get in touch.

Be accountable to our members

We’re a democratic organisation. Our members hold us to account through our elected policy council and board and our AGM. We will always be answerable to our members.

Share stories of our successes and impacts

You make all our work possible. When we change a law, win a case or have any other kind of positive impact for human rights in the UK, we’ll let you know, so that you can share the success.

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