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Posted by Akiko Hart – Director of Liberty on 05 Jul 2024

The General Election results are in and we have a new Labour Government.

We said throughout the last six weeks that General Elections are a time of hope – a chance to build the society we all want.

Many of you may be feeling hopeful today. Others of you may feel disappointed. Many of you may be fearful of the growing division in our society. But however you’re feeling, it’s important to remember the election is just the beginning of the journey.

While today marks a political change, I can promise you one thing will remain the same: we will be here – as we have been – to challenge injustice, defend freedom and fight to make sure everyone in the UK is treated fairly.

It’s now up to all of us to make sure the new Government stays focused on fulfilling the central idea of its manifesto – “everyone should be treated with respect and dignity”.

Holding every Government to account since 1934

Whether Labour, Conservative, or a cross-party coalition, Liberty has held every Government to account since 1934.

In just the past five years, we helped lead the fightback against the previous Government’s attack on protest rights which stopped some of the Boris Johnson Government’s worst plans.

And when Rishi Sunak’s Government later went against Parliament’s wishes and made them law anyway, Liberty took them to court to defend our democracy – and won.

Those same governments pumped millions of pounds into dangerous facial recognition technology that allows the police to ID and track every single one of us.

We took the world’s first legal case against police use of the tech – and we won that too.

And when they tried to rip up our Human Rights Act that makes sure public bodies like the Government, police and councils respect everyone’s basic rights and freedoms, our huge national campaign won again, protecting every single person in the UK.

The fight that is never done

But ours is “the fight that is never done”.

It’s now up to all of us to hold Keir Starmer to his promise of ‘change’ – and he can start by scrapping the previous Government’s laws that still exist which weaken everyone’s rights.

It will be up to us to challenge them if they get some things wrong and to push them to do even more to protect the human rights of everyone in the UK.

Add your name to call on the new Government to protect everyone’s rights and freedoms.

I look forward to working with you to build the society we all want, where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

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