Liberty’s history

How we've been making the UK a fairer place since 1934

85 years of campaigning

The National Council for Civil Liberties was founded in 1934, as a response to brutal police attempts to stop people protesting.

Ever since, we’ve been working to challenge injustice wherever we find it, defend freedom and make the UK a fairer, more equal place.

Our members have campaigned on a huge range of issues over the last 80 years – from fighting fascism, mass surveillance, internment and abuse of police power, to defending free speech and demanding equal rights for all.

But our principles and aims have remained constant. We want rights to be protected and freedom valued for everyone in the UK.

Today – as Liberty – we strive to continue the work the Council began.

Our historical archives are maintained on our behalf by the University of Hull and are open to the public. Contact Hull History Centre to find out how you can visit them.