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Dominic Raab takes a wrecking ball to human rights with his Bill of Rights

Posted on 08 Dec 2022

This Human Rights Day, we were at London’s Southbank with a real crane, fake Dominic Raab, fake wrecking ball and fake wall to raise awareness of the Government’s fake bill of rights – the Rights Removal Bill.

Backed by Rishi Sunak, Dominic Raab is about to swing a wrecking ball through your rights.

His so-called Bill of Rights Bill is really a ‘Rights Removal Bill’. It will rip up our Human Rights Act – the law that protects us all from abuse of power.

It will mean more power for them and fewer rights for you. But it’s not too late to stop it.

When people know what the Rights Removal Bill actually does, they oppose it. And tens of thousands of people have signed our petition to bin the Bill and have emailed their MPs calling on them to fight it too.

Now we’ve sent the clearest message we can to the British public: this fake bill of rights will smash your rights and freedoms, the fundamental building blocks of our democratic society.

Martha Spurrier,  Director at Liberty, said:

“The Rights Removal Bill weakens everyone’s rights. It allows the Government to decide who does and doesn’t have rights – turning fundamental human rights into privileges.

“Under the Human Rights Act, everyone in the UK should enjoy the same rights.

“And for more than 20 years it has protected everyone’s rights and helped them get justice when power has been abused – from soldiers to disabled people, victims of sexual assault, journalists, workers, and LGBTQ+ people.

“The Rights Removal Bill allows the Government to decide whose rights are more important than others’ and identifies people who will have fewer rights.

“It strips rights away from people challenging deportation, and their relatives – paving the way for the Government to ramp up its toxic hostile environment and remove the rights of non-British citizens.

“It doesn’t stop with migrants. The text of the Bill also removes rights from British soldiers serving abroad if they are treated badly by the Ministry of Defence – such as those who were injured and died when travelling in defective Snatch Land Rovers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

”As the Government has itself admitted, the Rights Removal Bill is a ‘complete mess’. Instead of pushing through this unpopular and unwanted Bill, they should instead be safeguarding everybody’s human rights.”

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