Our work

Protecting civil liberties and promoting human rights


We run public campaigns to raise awareness of urgent human rights and civil liberties issues and influence national debate. Our supporters are a vital part of our work, helping to make our voice stronger by lobbying their representatives, signing petitions and sending pledges of support. Find out about our current campaigns and take action now.


We provide detailed briefings on Bills before parliament, respond to government consultations and give expert written and oral evidence to parliamentary committees on issues which have implications for human rights and civil liberties. Our policy team meet with MPs and Peers to brief them and to ensure that they keep basic rights and freedoms in mind when considering laws and policies. Search recent Liberty Reports and Briefings.

Legal work

We are one of the only UK campaigning organisations that pursue our objectives not only through lobbying but also by taking on legal cases. As well as acting as solicitors for people bringing (or sometimes defending) a case in the courts, we sometimes intervene in cases where we act for neither party. Search our interventions and read about some of our landmark cases.

Media Centre

We work to raise awareness through the media, aiming to influence decision-makers and increase public understanding about human rights and civil liberties. Search Liberty press releases and read our blog.

Advice and Information

Where we cannot act on a request for legal assistance and the enquiry touches on an area of law that is of concern to us or in which we have some expertise, we will provide free legal advice.