Liberty team

Andrew Taylor-Dawson, Development Manager

Andrew Taylor-Dawson Liberty

Andrew joined Liberty in September 2017 to manage the organisation’s membership programme and fundraise from individual supporters.

Andrew has worked in fundraising for ten years and prior to working for Liberty was a freelance fundraising consultant. He has worked for organisations in the social justice, homelessness and international development sectors and is currently a member of Global Justice Now’s board.

He joined Liberty due to his passion for human rights and social justice and a desire to work for a campaigning organisation again.

Becca Lamb, Assistant to Director

Becca Lamb Liberty

Becca supports Martha in her busy role running Liberty. She also manages Liberty’s reception, looking after a team of volunteers and working with our Office Manager to keep things running smoothly.

Becca holds a degree in Politics from the University of Goldsmiths. She joined Liberty because she believes in challenging injustice and supporting the rights of those who struggle to be heard.

Boris Knezevic, Trainee Solicitor

Boris Knezevic Liberty

Boris joined Liberty in 2018 on the Justice First Fellowship Scheme. Currently, Boris is assisting with Liberty’s legal work on military justice. Over the next two years, he will also be developing a project assisting immigration detainees with complaints relating to detention conditions.

Previously, Boris worked as a paralegal at Leigh Day and did work experience at Deighton Pierce Glynn, assisting with high profile public law challenges involving discrimination and abuses in immigration detention. He has also volunteered at the Islington Law Centre and Amnesty International. Boris holds a law degree from University College London.

Having been inspired to study law and pursue a legal career by his commitment to social justice, Boris joined Liberty to train as a solicitor at an organisation devoted to human rights and civil liberties.

Cait Winter, Operations Director

Cait Winter Liberty

Cait leads our Operations team, which keeps the Liberty ship in working order. Cait joined Liberty in 2015 and oversees our finances, human resources, major events and infrastructure, while also providing support to the Executive Committee.

Cait started her career at the National Audit Office, qualifying as a chartered accountant while working across the value for money and statutory audit streams. She has also worked for the Treasury Select Committee in Parliament, as well as in humanitarian aid and criminal justice in the third sector.

Chloe Hough, Development Assistant

Chloe Hough Liberty

Chloe communicates with our members and supporters and supports the Development team in raising funds for our work.

Having previously worked in the art world, she wanted to apply her experience in an organisation committed to social justice.

In her spare time, Chloe is a silversmith and has contributed to the Journal of Whedon Studies.

Clair Owen, Finance Officer

Clair Owen Liberty

Clair ensures good financial management at Liberty, so that money is safeguarded at all times and used appropriately, economically, efficiently and effectively.

Clair was previously a business mentor at the Prince’s Trust, supporting young entrepreneurs who needed commercial and financial business expertise to help them set up their own business.

She joined Liberty because of its respected reputation and high public profile.

Corey Stoughton, Acting Director

Corey Stoughton

Corey is Liberty's Acting Director.

Before joining Liberty, she was senior counsel to the Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights in the U.S. Department of Justice under President Obama.

Corey also worked at the New York affiliate of the American Civil Liberties Union, where she litigated on a broad range of US constitutional and human rights issues.

She has spent time as an adjunct clinical professor of law at New York University School of Law.

She graduated from Harvard Law School in 2002 and the University of Michigan in 1998. Corey joined the Liberty team in order to continue to work on issues close to her heart after moving to the UK.

Blogs by Corey

David Mulcahy, Media Officer

David Mulcahy Liberty

After volunteering with Liberty in several roles, Dave joined the staff team in 2013 before moving into the press office a year later.

Dave previously worked in careers education in East London. He joined Liberty to play his part in a human rights NGO with a long track-record of achieving real, lasting change across society.

Blogs by David

Debaleena Dasgupta, Lawyer

Debaleena Dasgupta Liberty

Debaleena joined Liberty in 2015 after 10 years in private practice, having qualified as a solicitor in 2007.

She specialises in taking cases on behalf of people whose rights have been breached by police misconduct and in working for victims of sexual violence, whether committed by police officers or others.

Debaleena has brought challenges on behalf of women against the police and the Crown Prosecution Service for refusing to pursue allegations of domestic violence, rape and sexual assault. She has also lodged several claims against the police arguing that the State has a duty under the Human Rights Act to properly investigate rape.

Blogs by Debaleena

Donnchadh Greene, Advice and Information Officer

Donnchadh Greene Liberty

Donnchadh provides legal advice on a range of human rights issues to members of the public and co-manages Liberty’s legal advice line.

Before joining Liberty, Donnchadh worked as an asylum support assistant for the UK Lesbian and Gay Immigration Group supporting LGBTI refugees. He has also volunteered for various legal charities as a paralegal, including the Anti Trafficking and Labour Exploitation Unit and Just for Kids Law.

Donnchadh came to Liberty because of our dedication to fighting laws which prejudice the vulnerable and our commitment to changing the way people view their human rights.

Blogs by Donnchadh

Emma Finch, Philanthropy Manager

Emma Finch Liberty

Emma works closely with our donors. Before joining Liberty in 2015, she worked in fundraising and communications for Canon Collins, an education and legal assistance NGO with its roots in the struggle against apartheid.

Emma holds a master’s in human rights law and a degree in human rights and journalism. She has previously worked as journalist in West Africa and taught English in Russia and South East Asia, where her passion for fundraising and human rights was born.

Blogs by Emma.

Emma Norton, Head of Legal Casework

Emma Nortion Liberty

Emma manages our legal casework and undertakes a variety of human rights test cases across a range of areas.

She's one of our leading voices on soldiers’ rights, acting for three of the Deepcut families and the family of Corporal Anne-Marie Ellement. Emma also conducts much of Liberty’s surveillance litigation and represents a number of women who have been the victim of sexual crime and let down by the criminal 

Gracie Bradley, Policy and Campaigns Manager

Gracie Bradley Liberty

Gracie came to Liberty in July 2017 and leads our work to oppose the Government’s “hostile environment” policies on immigration.

Before joining Liberty, Gracie worked in casework, research and policy across several NGOs to support survivors of torture and working migrants to navigate the UK’s immigration system. She also trained public officials and third sector workers to use the Human Rights Act in their day-to-day work. She holds a Masters in Human Rights from the LSE and a degree in Philosophy & French from Oxford University.

Gracie joined the Liberty team after collaborating with us for Against Borders for Children on the Boycott School Census campaign. Her work at the frontline of small migrants’ rights organisations made her keenly aware of the need for bold, unapologetic campaigning for systemic change.

Blogs by Gracie

Hannah Couchman, Advocacy and Policy Officer

Hannah Couchman Liberty

Hannah leads our advocacy work on technology and human rights - including surveillance, the use of technology in policing, data rights and freedom of expression online. She was previously a criminal law barrister, before moving into justice policy and working on issues around the digitisation of the criminal justice system.

Prior to her practice at the Bar, Hannah was a prison law caseworker and Assistant Director of a children’s rights charity. She now volunteers with a duty scheme to provide advice, support and assistance to children and vulnerable adults detained in police custody.

Hannah joined Liberty to work with an organisation which fearlessly champions freedom, fairness and compassion in policy-making.

Blogs by Hannah

Ian Browne, Advice and Information Manager

Ian Browne Liberty

Ian works as part of our Advice and Information team which assists members of the public on human rights issues.

He joined Liberty in 2016 after working at a social welfare advice centre in East London.

Blogs by Ian

Jack Barton, Media Officer

Jack Barton Liberty

Jack works on Liberty’s external media strategy. He joined Liberty in 2018 after working as a journalist, predominantly focusing on modern slavery and international finance.

Before this, Jack undertook an LLM in Human Rights and contributed to research into transitional justice, as well as volunteering at human rights NGOs.

He joined Liberty to be part of an organisation with a long history of successfully protecting and promoting human rights.


Lara ten Caten, Lawyer

Lara ten Caten Liberty

Lara joined Liberty in February 2017, having worked in private practice since 1998.

Since qualifying as a solicitor, Lara has specialised in public law challenges against the Government and local authorities. Lara has represented some of the most vulnerable people in society, including migrants, asylum seekers, refugees, children and the disabled, forcing public authorities to abide by the Human Rights Act.

Lara has previously been a member of the Law Society's Mental Health Panel, and is currently a volunteer advocate at the First Tier Tribunal (Asylum Support). She has a Masters in Refugee Studies.

A Liberty member since her student days, Lara now assists migrants and all those who are victims of the Government's "hostile environment" policies as part of our Legal team.

Blogs by Lara

Laurence Holmes, Digital Manager

Larry Holmes Liberty

Larry oversees our public-facing digital presence and works with departments across Liberty to help coordinate our campaigns.

Larry has worked for Liberty since 2011, previously editing our newsletter and redeveloping the website in 2014. Before joining us, Larry worked in communications for an international development NGO.

Martha Spurrier, Director

Martha Spurrier Liberty

Martha is a human rights barrister. Before joining Liberty, she specialised in defending access to justice, challenging state failures and fighting for the rights of women, children and disabled people.

She has worked with bereaved families seeking answers after loved ones died in state care, victims of rape, domestic violence and trafficking who have been failed by the police, and protestors and journalists whose freedoms have been under attack.

Martha was previously a lawyer at Mind and the Public Law Project and she has written books about human rights, policing and disability rights. She is a trustee of Medical Justice.

Martha joined Liberty because she wanted to be part of a team of passionate, principled people using their diverse skills to hold the powerful to account and stand up for people’s rights. Litigation is only part of the answer –and she loves being part of an ambitious campaigning organisation that has many different tools for achieving change.

Blogs by Martha

Megan Goulding, Lawyer

Megan Goulding Liberty

Meg returned to Liberty in April 2018, having worked here during 2016 and 2017. Meg is a lawyer in Liberty’s Legal team, running our litigation in privacy and technology.

Previously, Meg worked as a solicitor in private practice. She has also volunteered with The Centre for Women’s Justice, The AIRE Centre, The Connection, and a children’s charity, and is determined to continue to work with the more vulnerable groups in our society.

Meg joined Liberty to use the law to strengthen and protect vital rights and freedoms.

Mina Patel, Finance Assistant

Mina Patel Liberty

Mina joined us in 2015 and works as part of our Operations team, ensuring Liberty’s finances are well managed.

Mina was keen to join the Liberty team because she believes that if we fail to take a stand against injustice and abuse, we are as guilty as the perpetrator.

Nadia O'Mara, Advocacy and Policy Officer

Nadia O'Mara Liberty

Nadia came to Liberty in July 2018. She works on protecting the Human Rights Act, leading our response to Brexit, and ensuring public authorities are held accountable for torture and mistreatment.

Before joining us, Nadia worked in policy and research at law reform and human rights organisation JUSTICE. Previously she was Assistant News Editor at US national security and rights blog Just Security. She has taught public law at UCL and has volunteered with legal charities including Hackney Community Law Centre and the Free Representation Unit.

Nadia holds a Masters in Law from the LSE. She has a law degree from UCL and was called to the Bar of England and Wales in 2018.

Nadia joined Liberty to be part of an organisation that is fearless in holding the powerful to account.

Blogs by Nadia

Nicke Adebowale, Office Manager

Nicke Adebowale Liberty

Nicke is our Office Manager. Before joining Liberty in 2013 she held similar support roles in the media industry.

Nicke came to Liberty because she wanted to put her organisational skills to good use supporting great work.

Olivia Percival, Advice and Information Officer

Olivia Percival Liberty

Olivia provides legal advice to members of the public and helps support our efforts to further public education on human right issues.

Olivia is a qualified solicitor who has worked in private practice, the Government Legal Service and the Council of Europe. Prior to joining Liberty she was Research Assistant at the Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law, carrying out research and policy work on human rights and access to justice issues. Olivia also volunteers with RightsInfo and the Colombian Caravana UK Lawyers Group, a charity which works to support human rights defenders in Colombia.

Olivia came to Liberty because she is committed to making law and human rights more accessible to everyone regardless of their education level or financial means.

Pippa Johnson, Development Director

Pippa Johnson Liberty

Pippa Johnson joined Liberty in 2011 to work on membership and fundraising, before becoming Development Director in July 2017. Pippa has worked in fundraising for more than eight years at both environmental and human rights organisations.

Passionate about Liberty’s work, challenging injustice and holding the powerful to account, Pippa believes that whether you’re asking someone to donate £1 or £100,000 it’s incredibly important to believe in the organisation’s work and know that money is being spent effectively.

Blogs by Pippa

PJ Macleod, Digital and Communications Assistant

PJ Macleod Liberty

PJ supports our Communications team in translating Liberty's campaigning messages into stand-out digital, video and print materials.

With a third sector background in campaigns, digital communications and project management, PJ’s most recent role involved running the youth campaigns and services for a national mental health charity. PJ has also worked in human rights education and girls’ rights, and is currently completing a PhD.

PJ joined Liberty to be part of an innovative and impactful organisation, committed to addressing human rights issues – no matter how tough.

Blogs by PJ

Sam Grant, Policy and Campaigns Manager

Sam Grant Liberty

Sam started at Liberty at the start of 2018 and works on ending immigration detention, protecting the Human Rights Act, mental health and military justice issues.

Before joining Liberty, Sam was Campaigns Manager at René Cassin where he engaged and mobilised the British Jewish community on immigration detention, discrimination towards minorities, and modern slavery issues. He also was a volunteer for RightsInfo and a founding trustee of the Advocacy Academy. He holds a Masters in Human Rights from the LSE.

Sam joined the team to be a part of the incredible track record of positive change that Liberty has been involved with over the last 80 years.

Blogs by Sam

Zehrah Hasan, Advocacy Assistant

Zehrah Hasan Liberty

Zehrah works in our Advocacy and Policy team on topics such as immigration detention, the Government's ‘hostile environment’ policies, privacy rights and women’s issues.

Zehrah has previously held legal, policy and campaigning roles related to women’s human rights and gender equality. She specialised in assisting BAME survivors of abuse and exploitation at Southall Black Sisters, the London Black Women’s Project, and the Women’s Legal Centre in Cape Town, South Africa. She has also been a legal researcher on migrants and asylum seekers’ rights, as well as Director of a prison education charity where she taught adult and young offenders.

Zehrah joined us to advocate human rights, to hold the government to account, and to represent the voices of society’s most marginalised groups.

Blogs by Zehrah