Liberty warns against “secret justice” in civil cases against the Government

19 October 2011

Today Liberty warned against extending the principle of “secret justice” into ordinary civil cases against the Government. A new Green Paper on secret evidence proposes that ministers should be able to initiate closed proceedings in civil cases where the Government claims disclosure would compromise national security, put sources at risk or undermine so-called key partnerships.

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UK extradition arrangements – human rights abuses and hypocrisy

18 October 2011

Today Liberty rejected the main conclusions of the Scott Baker review of extradition laws. The review, which reported today, states that a new ‘forum’ rule - which means that the accused should be tried in the UK if the crime was committed here - is not necessary.

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Article 9: Freedom of religion

Article 9 of the Human Rights Act couldn’t be more British – it protects the fundamentally British liberty of freedom of thought, conscience and religion. People of all faiths must be free to express their beliefs provided they’re not hurting others – and that’s precisely where Article 9 comes in.

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Baha Mousa Inquiry delivers damning verdict on MoD’s “corporate failure”

08 September 2011

Today Liberty welcomed the Baha Mousa Inquiry’s findings that “corporate failure” at the Ministry of Defence was to blame for the banned interrogation methods that resulted in the death of the Iraqi civilian.

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Anyone for TPIMs - Control Orders with a twist?

On Monday afternoon MPs will be asked to pass a Bill which will continue one of the worst legacies of the ‘war on terror’ - punitive sanctions imposed on potentially innocent individuals without them ever being charged, prosecuted or sentenced for any crime.

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Spare us the dog whistle Prime Minister...

Another day, another unprovoked attack on the Human Rights Act. The Prime Minister, writing in the Sunday Express, gave the HRA another thoroughly predictable bashing. It’s all becoming depressingly familiar – the legislation carries the can for everything from the recent riots, ‘young people today’ to a perceived erosion of personal responsibility. Perhaps climate change and rising obesity can be laid at its door too?

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Slavery law Liberty lobbied for in action

Incredibly, up until April last year it wasn’t actually a criminal offence in this country to hold another person in slavery or servitude. Thanks in part to lobbying by Liberty, such modern day slavery was finally outlawed, with a new offence brought into English law through the Coroners and Justice Act 2009. This week, in London, we saw one of the first convictions under this new legislation that we campaigned so hard for.

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Tackling the problem, not fanning the flames

A country can be judged by how it responds to a crisis. Riots across England have filled our TV screens with terrible images of violence and criminality and damaged communities have rightly demanded answers about the strategy of the authorities.

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10 reasons Liberty is fighting the Legal Aid cuts

The Government is planning on cutting the legal aid system in England and Wales beyond all recognition, in an effort to save £350million from the £2.1billion legal aid budget.

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Message of support for Norway

Like humanity and altruism, it seems that barbarism and bigotry know no borders nor exclusivity to any particular faith, race or nationality.

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