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Our proud tradition of resistance will bring down the hostile environment

Liberty’s Advocacy and Policy Officer, Gracie Bradley, addressed protesters in Trafalgar Square during President Donald Trump’s UK visit. Here is an abridged version of her speech.

One of the reasons we are here today is the Trump administration’s treatment of migrants – the “Muslim ban”, the wall, children in cages.

But the UK has its own long history of state racism and xenophobia that cuts well across party lines – and its latest incarnation is the ‘hostile environment’.

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Why you should get your face painted if you're marching against Trump

This Friday thousands of people will march in the ‘carnival of resistance’. And in the spirit of the day, Liberty will be staging its own act of resistance – painting faces to throw off intimidating, intrusive and discriminatory facial recognition cameras.

Police forces across the country have been rolling out facial recognition surveillance technology on our streets, and protest groups have told us it could put them off exercising their right to protest in the future.

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Have your say on the Gender Recognition Act – and change hundreds of thousands of people's lives for the better

If you aren’t trans, updating this Act will barely affect you at all. But for hundreds of thousands of trans people, you’ll have helped to completely change their lives, and made our country a safer and fairer place to be in the process.

So please join me – as well as Liberty, Amnesty, BIHR, Stonewall and countless others across the country – and call for reform, now.

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“Not a fool-proof system”: Facial recognition in action

As the afternoon sun beat down on East London on Thursday, the people of Stratford were being watched. 

Two CCTV cameras had been placed on the bridge linking the train station to Westfield Shopping Centre. But these cameras were a little different. They were loaded with facial recognition technology to identify members of the public.

This was the latest Metropolitan Police deployment of privacy-abusing automated facial recognition tech on the capital’s streets. Liberty was invited to observe. We were not impressed.

Computers making decisions

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The NPCC is no longer open to public scrutiny - the Government must fix this loophole immediately

Scarlet Kim profile
When carrying out some freedom of information requests, Privacy International received a worrying response from the National Police Chief’s Council – it’s no longer open to scrutiny.

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EU Withdrawal Bill: MPs must rise above party politics and vote for human rights

Tomorrow MPs will vote on the EU Withdrawal Bill – their last chance to make sure their constituents don’t end up with fewer rights after Brexit.

They have a choice. They can overturn changes made by the Lords in April – or they can enshrine these changes in law, making sure we bring home all the rights and equality protections we gained from the European Union.  

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Sajid Javid must shape his own legacy and bring an end to indefinite immigration detention

This afternoon Sajid Javid will appear before the Joint Committee on Human Rights to discuss the detention of the Windrush generation.

The Home Office have yet to work out how many people were wrongfully locked up in immigration detention – but this isn’t the only number that the new Home Secretary needs to work out. He needs to get his head around the entire immigration detention system.

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Safety, security and support – transforming the response to domestic abuse

Domestic abuse is one of the UK’s most pressing and devastating human rights issues.

It’s estimated that more than 1.9 million adults experienced domestic abuse in the year ending March 2017, of whom 1.2 million were female.

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Operation Nexus is dangerous and discriminatory. It needs to go

The AIRE Centre is bringing a legal challenge against Operation Nexus, a joint police and Home Office initiative which allows deportations of people who haven't committed any crimes. AIRE Centre Director Matthew Evans blogs for Liberty on the dangers posed by Nexus and the urgency of the case.

Home Office policy and practice regarding the detention and expulsion of EU citizens ignores EU Citizenship and free movement rights, making both casualties of an overdetermined system of immigration control which is often contrary to EU law.

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Ireland has voted to repeal the 8th. Now Northern Ireland's victorian abortion laws must fall too.

Ireland has today voted overwhelmingly to reform its abortion laws to enable women to access abortion services up to the 12th week of pregnancy. But on this day it is absolutely vital that we don’t forget our sisters in Northern Ireland. 

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