Gracie Bradley

Gracie Bradley Liberty
Policy and Campaigns Manager

Gracie came to Liberty in July 2017 and leads our campaigning against the Government’s “hostile environment” policies on immigration, as well as work across policing, counter-terror, and privacy and surveillance.

Before joining Liberty, Gracie worked in casework, research and policy across several NGOs to support survivors of torture and working migrants to navigate the UK’s immigration system. She also trained public officials and third sector workers to use the Human Rights Act in their day-to-day work. She holds a Masters in Human Rights from the LSE and a degree in Philosophy & French from Oxford University.

Gracie joined the Liberty team after collaborating with us for Against Borders for Children on the Boycott School Census campaign. Her work at the frontline of small migrants’ rights organisations made her keenly aware of the need for bold, unapologetic campaigning for systemic change.

Articles by Gracie Bradley

Councils must resist becoming complicit in the hostile environment

The Government is trying to turn homelessness workers into border guards. Here are four things we're asking councils to do to resist becoming complicit in the hostile environment.

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How the Home Office is turning homeless workers into border guards

When Sajid Javid came to office in April 2018 at the height of the Windrush Scandal, he promised a “fairer, more compassionate” immigration system. It turns out what that looks like at the Home Office is a secret scheme to turn homelessness outreach workers into border guards, oxymoronically called the “Rough Sleeping Support Service” (RSSS).

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Happy Anniversary, Sajid Javid!

For Sajid Javid's first anniversary as Home Secretary, Gracie Bradley looks back at what he's done so far. 

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We need to talk about the Government’s secret hostile environment database

The Home Office is developing a massive migrant database making it easier for bodies to deny people essential services by checking their status in real-time.

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Some of the worst excesses of the Counter-Terror Bill are gone, but without further changes it is still a threat to our civil liberties

As the Bill goes back to the House of Commons on Monday, MPs have a chance to fix the problems that remain, and protect our rights

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Thirteen years after Liberty first called for a judge-led inquiry into UK complicity in post-9/11 torture and rendition, we’re still waiting for the truth.

In coming days, the Government will respond to renewed calls for a full, independent investigation. Here’s Liberty’s Gracie Bradley on why they can’t keep hiding.

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Why all victims should feel safe to report crimes to police – not fear deportation if they do

By routinely handing victims of crime to the Home Office for immigration enforcement purposes, police are damaging community relations, putting undocumented people at risk – and making us all less safe.

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Our proud tradition of resistance will bring down the hostile environment

Liberty’s Advocacy and Policy Officer, Gracie Bradley, addressed protesters in Trafalgar Square during President Donald Trump’s UK visit. Here is an abridged version of her speech.

One of the reasons we are here today is the Trump administration’s treatment of migrants – the “Muslim ban”, the wall, children in cages.

But the UK has its own long history of state racism and xenophobia that cuts well across party lines – and its latest incarnation is the ‘hostile environment’.

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The Government is contemplating destroying patient confidentiality in the name of border control

A year ago, a Freedom of Information request by the BBC exposed a secret agreement between the Home Office, the Department of Health and NHS Digital. It revealed that NHS Digital was sharing confidential patient information collected by frontline services with the Home Office on an industrial scale to help it locate and deport undocumented people.

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Government concessions for Grenfell Tower survivors: still far from humane

Yesterday afternoon the Home Office announced that survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire who have insecure immigration status will be allowed to apply to stay in the UK longer, and eventually for permanent residence – updating their initial paltry offer of a temporary 12-month stay.

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