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Government must guarantee our health data is secure

Posted on 06 May 2021

Liberty has responded to reports that the Covid vaccine booking website contains flaws leaving people’s vaccine statuses vulnerable. The human rights organisation called for robust guarantees from ministers to ensure we can all trust that our data is secure and access the healthcare we need.

Sam Grant, Head of Policy and Campaigns at Liberty, said: “We should all have the right to privacy, and that means having control over our own personal data.

“It’s only been made clearer during the pandemic how important it is that we can all access the healthcare we need, and that everything must be done to ensure we can trust that our health data is safe. This is particularly important if the Government wants to overcome the concerns many people and marginalised communities have as a result of their experiences interacting with the State, and having their health and other data misused, such as through the Hostile Environment.

“These findings should raise even more concerns about the Government’s plans for data-driven pet projects in a range of areas, from policing to immigration, that will most impact those already marginalised.

“Given the success of the NHS vaccine programme – and its pivotal role in this Government’s plans to exit the pandemic – those in power must provide robust assurances that our information is secure.”

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