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Liberty responds to Shamima Begum ruling

Posted on 07 Feb 2020

Ministers are using archaic banishments to score political points and look tough on terrorism.

Liberty, the human rights organisation, has responded to news today Shamima Begum has lost the first stage of appeal against the Government stripping her UK citizenship.

Grey Collier, Liberty advocacy director, said: “The fact the Government has left a young woman effectively stateless shows how little regard it holds for fundamental rights. Shamima Begum should not be banished – banishing people belongs in the dark ages, not 21st century Britain. This case is just one example of how quickly Ministers use citizenship stripping when they could use other powers.

“It’s clear why they use these archaic banishments and that is to score political points and look tough on terrorism. It has nothing to do with making the public safe. In fact, this leaves us less safe as services are unable to conduct proper investigations that could help prevent young people, like Shamima, from entering terrorist circles in the future.”

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