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Liberty responds to news that police will be able to access test and trace data

Posted on 20 Oct 2020

Liberty has responded to news that police will be able to access test and trace data.

Rosalind Comyn, Policy and Campaigns Manager at Liberty, said: “By prioritising criminal justice in the treatment of this pandemic, politicians are risking our health and our rights.

“Test and trace relies on people trusting their information is secure and won’t be misused. After six months of confusing laws backed by criminal sanctions, trust and goodwill are wearing thin.

“It is bad enough that no measures are in place to enable people to self-isolate if they can’t work from home or afford the time off. If they also fear that cooperation risks heavy fines, it will further deter them from engaging.

“The Government needs to start listening to evidence. It needs to support people to follow the health guidance and stop trying to coerce us into compliance.”

Read our letter to The Times on this topic.

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