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Liberty responds to Judicial Review Bill vote

Posted on 26 Oct 2021

Liberty, the human rights organisation, has responded to the Judicial Review and Courts Bill passing Second Reading in the House of Commons.

Charlie Whelton, Liberty policy and campaigns officer, said: “This Bill is part of this Government’s bid to make itself, and all future governments, untouchable. Contrary to what ministers say, it serves one purpose: helping the powerful hide from accountability. It’ll make it harder for people to challenge injustice in court, and would mean that even if they win their victory may not have been worthwhile. Meanwhile changes affecting immigration appeals will put people at grave risk for a miniscule saving.

“Being able to challenge those in power when they get things wrong is at the heart of our democracy. Our laws and legal processes allow ordinary people to do that, and are vital for protecting all of our rights and freedoms. This Bill threatens these well-established systems, and if passed will make it harder for ordinary people to stand up to power.”

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