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Liberty: Plans to amend HRA threaten soldiers’ ability to seek justice

Posted on 11 Nov 2019

Liberty, the human rights organisation, has responded to the Conservative pledge to amend the Human Rights Act to exclude any death in Northern Ireland before the act came into force.

Grey Collier, Liberty advocacy director, said: “This move would be extremely concerning for soldiers and their loved ones, as well as other victims’ families, as it would undermine their ability to seek justice. All allegations of misconduct or criminal offence by armed forces personnel must be investigated and where there is sufficient evidence, prosecuted. This proposal fails to acknowledge that delays in cases have been caused by successive Governments’ failure to carry out effective investigations first time around – not the Human Rights Act.

“The HRA is there to protect all of us equally, including soldiers. It enabled two of the Deepcut families to secure fresh investigations into their loved ones’ deaths. This is just the latest attack on the Act which would risk opening the door to further erosion of its powers and all of our rights.”

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