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Liberty: Offshore asylum processing centres risk rights

Posted on 28 Jun 2021

Liberty has responded to the news that Priti Patel is set to introduce laws to allow asylum seekers to be held in offshore processing centres.

Jun Pang, Liberty policy and campaigns officer, said:

“We should all be able to be safe and keep our families safe. But these misguided plans are just the latest in a long string of Government measures which would put people at even greater risk of human rights abuses.

“We know that attacks on rights always start with people who are already marginalised – and the Government’s immigration plan is no different. It undermines access to justice for migrants and seeks to make those in power untouchable.

“Instead of stoking division with policies that ride rough shod over human rights, the Government should be looking to re-design our immigration system so it has respect and humanity at its core.”

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