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Liberty and rights groups call on next government to investigate Panorama and Sunday Times findings

Posted on 25 Nov 0219

Liberty and six other human rights organisations have written to UK political party leaders calling on them to investigate the findings of the Panorama and Sunday Times investigation into an alleged cover up of war crimes.

The letter calls on whatever political party forms the next government to commit to:

1. Prompt and effective investigation and action in response to allegations of cover-up and political interference made by Panorama and the Sunday Times

2. Ensuring all credible allegations that the MoD or members of the Armed Forces committed, aided or suppressed evidence of war crimes or other human rights abuses in these operations are subject to an adequate and effective investigation by a fully independent body and where appropriate prosecuted, without any political interference by any member of the government

3. Ensuring that all those responsible are held to account, including all those in the direct and indirect chain of command, such as senior officers and ministers responsible for the Armed Forces

4. Unequivocal co-operation with the International Criminal Court prosecutor in any investigation her office may hold into these, or any other allegations of war crimes by UK Armed Forces

Grey Collier, Liberty advocacy director, said:

“These investigations have shone a light on a dark part of the UK’s recent past and our political leaders cannot ignore the findings. No one is above the law, and victims deserve for all credible allegations of abuse to be investigated properly. There has been shamefully little accountability for alleged abuses which took place during the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. The only way to secure justice for victims and remove this stain on the reputation of our Armed Forces is for the next government to fully investigate these allegations.”

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