Editing the Human Rights Act is unthinkable – this is why

Posted by Martha Spurrier on 25 Oct 2019

We’re reading all the parties’ manifestos as they come out and we’ll issue a full analysis once they’re all released.

However, one line in the Conservative manifesto stood out – their pledge to ‘update the Human Rights Act’.

We love the Act as it is and it’s worth reflecting why.

It protects every one of us – young and old, rich and poor, you and your neighbour. Our Human Rights Act has defended people in the UK for more than 20 years. It’s safeguarded our soldiers, and supported our right to protest.

It’s defended those who have been raped or experienced domestic violence, it’s guarded against slavery. It’s protected those in care and helped uncover answers for grieving families. It’s shielded press freedom.

Its protections are fundamental. An edit of any of the rights in the Act is unthinkable.

Which of them would you go without?

The right to life?

The right not to be tortured?

The right to a fair trial?

Our Human Rights Act is precious, and we’ll be keeping a careful eye on election promises for the rest of this campaign.

Read our manifesto for a better society.

And vote like your rights depend on it.

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