Hostile environment data-sharing

Report: Care Don’t share

Posted on 03 Dec 2018

Hostile environment data-sharing: why we need a firewall between essential services and immigration enforcement

As part of its discredited ‘hostile environment’ policy, the Government has set up a series of shadowy deals letting Home Office immigration enforcement teams access data – like personal addresses – collected by schools, hospitals, job centres, and the police and use it to track down children and adults for deportation.


This report explores these themes by combining secondary research with interviews from frontline practitioners and policy workers with expertise across a range of settings.

It provides a sorely-needed outline of the broad impact of these data-sharing schemes on fundamental human rights and public policy objectives distinct from immigration enforcement.

And as Government innovations in cross-departmental data processing grow, it sets out why a firewall – a commitment that personal data held by essential public services will not be shared with the Home Office for immigration enforcement purposes – is vital for ensuring that the core functions of our essential public services, and the fundamental rights that they underpin, are not sacrificed at the altar of immigration control – or any other policing and crime agenda.

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