Human rights in the UK after Brexit

Whether you voted to leave or remain in the European Union, you didn’t vote for fewer rights.

But as the Government embarks on the biggest rewrite of our laws in a generation, hard-won protections are under threat.

Lots of the human rights and equality laws that safeguard our privacy, digital rights and rights for workers, disabled people, children, women, migrants and asylum seekers come from the EU.

But ministers have attempted to use Brexit legislation to grant themselves powers to change these laws without proper parliamentary scrutiny – which means they could remove or weaken our rights without consulting the public or our elected representatives.

Liberty is working with politicians and other campaigning organisations to make sure we bring home all our rights after Brexit.

We’re fighting to persuade the Government to respect parliamentary sovereignty and make only the minor technical law changes necessary to leave the EU.

Find out more about our work on the EU Withdrawal Bill, Trade Bill and Brexit negotiations – and what you can do to help.

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Bringing human rights home? What's at stake for rights in the incorporation of EU law after Brexit (February 2018)

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