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Protest Bust Cards (With Translations)

Liberty has designed and produced protest bust cards in collaboration with Migrants Organise and Black Protest Legal Support for racialised and migrant protesters and organisers, so that they can be informed and empowered to exercise their legal rights to protest against state racism and the Hostile Environment as safely as possible.

Bust cards provide:

  • basic legal information on police powers and your rights during protests;
  • contact details of lawyers with protest law expertise who can give you free legal advice;
  • contact details of organisations who can mobilise legal observers and other protest support.

Liberty has worked collaboratively with Migrants Organise and Black Protest Legal Support to design and produce these bust cards, and they have been translated into 15 other languages – available below.


Legal observers are independent, legally-trained volunteers who monitor and record police conduct and provide legal information and support to organisers and protesters. You can approach them for information or support. They are easily recognisable at protests, wearing hi vis jackets with “LEGAL OBSERVER” written across the back.

More information about the laws relevant to legal observers (and journalists) at protests is available here.

You can reach out to the following organisations to arrange legal observers for your upcoming protest:


Black Protest Legal Support (‘BPLS’) facilitates legal observers for protests that are organised by and/or involve the participation of Black and other racialised protesters. They also have a large network of lawyers who are committed to providing legal representation to Black and other racialised organisers/protesters who are arrested during protests.

Email: blackprotestlegal@protonmail.com / coordinatorBPLS@protonmail.com

Twitter & Instagram: @blkprotestlegal

Website: www.blackprotestlaw.org


Green & Black Cross (‘GBC’) is an independent grassroots project that provides legal observers for protests, as well as delivering protest rights training.

GBC also facilitates arrestee support, where volunteers attend police stations to support arrested protesters or organisers. They have produced guides on protest rights, available via their website.

Telephone (Protest Support Line): 07946 541 511

Email: courtsupport@protonmail.com

Twitter & Instagram: @GBCLegal

Website: www.greenandblackcross.org


Green & Black Cross Manchester facilitates legal observers and arrestee support for protests in the Manchester area.

Telephone (Protest Support Line): 07761 911 121

Email: manchestergbc@riseup.net

Twitter: @GBCManchester

Instagram: @gbc_manchester

Website: www.greenandblackcross.org


Bristol Defendant Solidarity provides support (at police stations and court) for arrested protesters.

Telephone (via ‘Signal’ app): 07510 283 424

Email: bristoldefendantsolidarity@riseup.net

Twitter: @BristolDefenda1

Website: www.bristolabc.wordpress.com/defendant-solidarity/



Network for Police Monitoring (‘Netpol’)

Netpol monitors public order, protest and street policing, and challenges policing which is excessive, discriminatory or threatens civil rights. They also have legal information resources on their website.

Email: info@netpol.org

Twitter & Facebook: @netpol

Instagram: @netpolCampaigns

Website: www.netpol.org

Address: Durning Hall Centre, Earlham Grove, London, E7 9AB

Article 11 Trust

The Article 11 Trust is a charity working to defend and advance the rights to freedom of assembly and association under Article 11 of the European Convention on Human Rights through research and education projects and by raising public awareness around protest rights issues.

Email (via website form): www.article11trust.org.uk/contact

Twitter & Instagram: @article11trust

Website: www.article11trust.org.uk

Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants

The Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI) is an independent national charity, campaigning for justice and combating racism in immigration and asylum law and policy.  They provide free immigration advice to undocumented migrants on all immigration, asylum and nationality law matters – including a guide for migrant protesters.

Telephone (Helpline): 020 7553 7470 (Monday, Tuesday & Thursday, 10am-1pm)

Email: legal@jcwi.org.uk

Website: www.jcwi.org.uk

Address: 441 Caledonian Road, London, N7 9BG

More information on how to get immigration advice and other support is available on our website.



More information on your protest rights and police powers to restrict protests is available on our Advice and Information Hub, including the following pages:

What are my rights on this?

Find out more about your rights and how the Human Rights Act protects them

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