Writing to and meeting your MP

The Rights Removal Bill is coming back to Parliament. We need our MPs to vote it down.

The so-called Bill of Rights Bill will repeal the Human Rights Act.

The Bill will put people in harm’s way and let the government avoid accountability when they violate our rights.

Your local MP can make a difference. It’s your MP’s job to listen to you and represent your interests so don’t be afraid to tell them to #SaveYourRights.

Whether you’re a seasoned campaigner or engaging for the first time, we’ve got the guide to help you write a letter and arrange a meeting with your MP. We also have Liberty’s fact sheets and helpful links in this guide to help you.


MPs’ email inboxes can get inundated so handwriting a letter can be an effective way to get your message across.

In your letter, express your concerns about the Rights Removal Bill and ask for your MP’s commitment to vote it down.


Meeting your MP is a really impactful way to get them to hear your concerns and persuade them to take action.

It is one of the personal and direct ways to show them how passionately you care about protecting our Human Rights Act.

What’s more, it’s something you can do as a group of Liberty supporters.

Together, we can defeat the Rights Removal Bill.


Liberty guide to writing to and meeting with your MP (pdf)

Liberty guide to writing to and meeting with your MP – Large Print (pdf)

Audio guide

Part 1 – Introduction and Write to your MP

Part 2 – Meet your MP

Part 3 – Know your facts and helpful links

Easy read guide