Legal work

Liberty has been providing legal advice and supporting groundbreaking cases since 1934.

We’re one of the only campaigning organisations in the UK that makes change by challenging injustice and defending our rights in the courts.

Our landmark cases help dismantle laws, policies and practices that violate people’s rights – and fight for justice for people who have been let down by those in power.


We take on test cases – ones that will set a useful precedent others can follow.

Our ongoing cases include our major challenge to the Investigatory Powers Act – the Government’s surveillance law.

We also act as solicitors for people bringing, or sometimes defending, a case – such as Cardiff resident Ed Bridges, who we’re representing in his challenge to South Wales Police’s use of facial recognition technology.


As well as acting as solicitors, we sometimes intervene in cases where we act for neither party.

As third-party interveners, we submit expert evidence in our own name to assist the court in deciding on a case.

Interventions are an increasingly important route by which we can seek to influence the development of the law.


We receive a large number of requests for legal representation – but we can only take up a very small proportion of these and focus our efforts on bringing test cases in key areas of law.

We offer the public free legal advice and information through our Advice Line – and we’re working on developing a new online legal advice system.