Legal work

Ever since we were founded in 1934 Liberty (or the National Council for Civil Liberties as it then was) has provided legal advice and supported key cases.

We are one of the only UK campaigning organisations that pursue our objectives not only through lobbying but also by taking on legal cases.


The cases we take on are ones that we believe will be test cases – cases that will set a useful precedent that others can follow. We bring cases before the courts in this country, and also before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. Have a look at our page of key Liberty legal cases to find out more.


As well as acting as solicitors for people bringing (or sometimes defending) a case in the courts, we sometimes intervene in cases where we act for neither party. As third-party interveners we submit expert evidence to the court in our own name to assist it in deciding on a case. Interventions are an increasingly important route by which we can seek to influence the development of the law. You can search Liberty interventions from 2001 onwards.


Liberty receives far more requests for legal representation than we could ever act on, and the number of cases that we can take on is severely limited. Where we cannot act on a request for legal assistance and the enquiry touches on an area of law that is of concern to us or in which we have some expertise, we will provide advice and, where appropriate, suggestions as to where the person requesting our help can turn to for assistance.

For more information about our advice services please visit our Get Advice page.