Five actions for the festive season

2011 will go down in history as the year pro-democracy rebellions erupted across the Middle East. The hunger for basic rights and freedoms across the world should remind us all of the ever present need to protect and defend rights at home.

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The challenges may have doubled this Christmas - but so can your support for Human Rights

Season’s Greetings! If you are considering supporting Liberty’s work this festive season, now is your chance to make your donation stretch twice as far, at no extra cost to you.

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Dog whistles, bogus cats and what the public really think about human rights

04 October 2011

Today Liberty rubbished the Home Secretary’s example of an illegal immigrant who could not be deported because he had a cat. The story, which Theresa May preceded with ‘I’m not making this up’ is actually a case where the Home Office conceded it had failed to apply its own policy to a man with a British partner.

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Message of support for Norway

Like humanity and altruism, it seems that barbarism and bigotry know no borders nor exclusivity to any particular faith, race or nationality.

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Five actions, five minutes

What have you got planned this weekend? A bit of shopping? Enjoying the Great British Summer and firing up the barbeque, maybe? Can you squeeze in fighting to protect civil liberties and promoting human rights as well? Yes you can!

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Key business leader generously supports human rights group Liberty 

23 January 2007

Leading businessman and respected entrepreneur Karl E. Watkin MBE has today made a donation to the human rights group Liberty. Mr. Watkin’s support comes after he campaigned with Liberty against the unfair extradition of British citizens to face criminal charges abroad.

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