Prime Minister talks of faster extradition while alleged domestic violence victim battles to stay with family

20 May 2014

Today Liberty will apply to overturn the Home Secretary’s decision to extradite mother of three and alleged domestic violence victim Eileen Clark to the United States.

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Another depressing attack

This weekend the Home Secretary launched another disappointing attack on our judiciary and human rights law – accusing immigration judges of ignoring Parliament when making decisions in immigration cases.

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Halloween Spooktacular

It seems apt that the Home Secretary, Theresa May, gave evidence to the Draft Communications Data Bill Committee on today of all days; Halloween. The "spooktacular" that is the Snoopers’ Charter deserves a place on any good Halloween line-up - containing, as it does, frightening proposals to stockpile large amounts of communications data indiscriminately; amounting to blanket surveillance of the whole country.

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Liberty welcomes Home Secretary’s decision not to extradite Gary McKinnon to US

16 October 2012

Today Liberty welcomed the Home Secretary’s long-overdue announcement that Gary McKinnon will not face extradition to the US.

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Liberty at the Conservative Party Conference

Despite a blond, Olympotastic and re-elected rival, last night’s turnout at Liberty’s Tory fringe was excellent. Introducing the fringe panel, Shami reminded the crowd of the many principled stands taken by the Tories in Opposition - on 90 days pre-charge detention, ID cards, innocents’ DNA retention and more. But it’s important to remember those values in Government, she urged: “Because no matter who you vote for it’s the Government that gets in”. In a thinly-veiled reference to the campaign by the Security Services for audacious secret courts and State snooping, Shami reminded the room that governing is a complicated matter with pressures coming from all sides.

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Gary McKinnon: Extradition nightmare continues

With yet another appearance before the High Court yesterday Gary McKinnon’s extradition nightmare continues to rumble on. This latest hearing closely follows a Home Office request for him to see yet another medical expert – even though Gary, who has Asperger’s Syndrome, has already undergone a number of assessments by medical experts in the field. These experts concluded Gary would be at serious risk of suicide if extradited. They also concluded he is unfit for trial.

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Section 44 - 12 years on

During the last decade or so the UK has been the stage for a legislation extravaganza in the name of counter-terrorism and national security. Such laws, often hastily passed and draconian in nature, have been the source of much debate. Twelve years ago today Parliament passed the first in this controversial series of statutes – the Terrorism Act 2000.

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Liberty urges Home Secretary to refuse domestic violence victim’s extradition to US

04 July 2012

Today Liberty made an eleventh-hour plea to Home Secretary Theresa May in a final bid to save mother-of-three and domestic violence victim Eileen Clark from an extradition to the US which would breach her rights to private and family life and liberty under Articles 8 and 5, ECHR.

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Happy Mother's Day

Liberty wishes all members and supporters a happy Mothering Sunday this weekend. But if you’re enjoying time with loved ones, do spare a thought for three other mums for whom the day will be overshadowed. For Eileen Clark, Janis Sharp and Julia O’Dwyer, our rotten extradition system is taking its toll.

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Love Actually

Messrs Cameron and Obama no doubt had much to discuss during the Prime Minister’s three-day trip across the Atlantic. Afghanistan, Syria, the global economy and even the finer points of an NBA basketball game might have featured in their conversation. So it was heartening to hear that Mr Cameron also managed to put extradition on the agenda Stateside.

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