A how-to guide to protecting your Facebook data

In the wake of the recent scandal which saw Cambridge Analytica misuse data belonging to 87 million Facebook users, more and more people are realising that the information they’ve shared on the social media platform has been used in a way they didn’t intend.

Lengthy, complex privacy agreements mean very few people have given fully informed consent to the way their data is used – from your name and age through to your political views and relationship status.

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Why Google DeepMind secretly gaining 1.6 million UK patient records is a human rights issue

There’s been a privacy scandal unravelling behind the scenes in the NHS for the last 18 months. You might be affected – and you wouldn’t even know.

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Criminal Records Bureau launch raises twin concerns

15 February 2002

Liberty's concerns are twofold - the readiness and accuracy of the data now and the suitability of the data long-term

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