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Help defend human rights by affiliating to Liberty today


Liberty Affiliates

Help defend human rights by affiliating to Liberty today.

Liberty is affiliated to a number of membership organisations which support our aims and objectives to protect and promote human rights and civil liberties.

Our affiliates provide much-needed donations to help support our work. They also strengthen our voice against measures that threaten people’s rights and freedoms.

By affiliating to Liberty, your organisation will be given a voice at Liberty’s AGM and Members’ Conference, which brings together some of the brightest minds and best campaigners working in human rights today. You’ll also receive regular updates on our campaigns by email and post.

To set up an affiliation, please download this form and return it to our freepost address, or contact us on 020 7378 3663 or for more information.

Affiliate membership is open to UK-based membership organisations that support Liberty's aims and objectives.


Trade Union Affiliates

Liberty has a proud history of fighting infringements on workers’ rights — the use of agent provocateurs and police brutality during the Hunger Marches of the 1930s, unfair pension rules for same-sex couples, the recent blacklisting scandal — and the trade union movement has never wavered in its support for our campaigns. Many unions are affiliated to Liberty at both local and national level.

There is a real need for solidarity in the face of the current assault on people’s basic rights and freedoms. We now face imminent proposals to scrap our Human Rights Act and extend mass state snooping on our private communications, and the multiple threats to workers’ rights posed by the Trade Union Act.

Liberty fights to protect people's rights and freedoms through public campaigning, expert policy work and prominent media presence, but we are a relatively small organisation dependent on grass-roots support.

Please support Liberty by affiliating your union or local branch today.

Download this form and return it to our freepost address, or contact us on 020 7378 3663 or