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Press Advisory: Stirring up tension and division in the UK illegally? Home Office, think again

06 August 2013

Liberty’s response to the Home Office’s “Go home” vans will hit the streets of London as the row over the department’s immigration policies intensifies.

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Doreen Lawrence

31 July 2013

Shami Chakrabarti, Director of Liberty, said:

"Doreen Lawrence is a role model and a friend – heartfelt congratulations to her on her richly-deserved appointment to the House of Lords.

“Who can imagine transforming the grief of losing a child into a campaign to reform policing and the wider values of an entire nation? Her calm courage should be an inspiration to everyone.”

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Anne-Marie Ellement: Fresh investigation into rape allegation as Liberty launches "Military Justice" campaign

25 July 2013

Today Liberty revealed that there will be a completely fresh investigation into the allegation that Royal Military Police (RMP) officer Anne-Marie Ellement was raped by colleagues before her death.

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Latest Liberty victory for B&B couple in discrimination fight

09 July 2013

Today Liberty clients Michael Black and John Morgan won their latest battle in their fight against discrimination after they were refused a room at a Berkshire bed and breakfast – because they are gay.

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Doreen Lawrence endorses Liberty's "Lawrence amendment" on undercover policing

25 June 2013

Today Doreen Lawrence gave her backing to Liberty’s “Lawrence amendment” – a reform which would require prior judicial authorisation for undercover policing operations.

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Liberty issues claim against British Intelligence Services over PRISM and Tempora privacy scandal

25 June 2013

Today Liberty announced it has issued a claim against the British Intelligence Services over their suspected involvement in the PRISM and Project Tempora privacy scandal.

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Supreme Court reveals Government request for secrecy was “unnecessary”

19 June 2013

Liberty today warned of a devastating blow to open justice and the Rule of Law as Britain’s highest court revealed its reasons for sitting in secret for the very first time.

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Liberty challenges exclusion of volunteers from UK equality law

14 June 2013

This week Liberty launched a legal challenge against the exclusion of volunteers from the protection of UK equality law.

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International Civil Liberties Organisations’ Statement on Dragnet U.S. Government Surveillance Program

13 June 2013

In response to revelations that a U.S. government program known as “PRISM” gives the United States National Security Agency unprecedented access to the servers of major technology companies, an international group of Civil Liberties Organisations issued the following joint statement:

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Liberty responds to Woolwich attack

23 May 2013

Isabella Sankey, Director of Policy, said:
"The shocking violence we saw yesterday on the streets of Woolwich fills us with horror - and our thoughts remain with the loved ones of the man who lost his life.

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