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1000th prospective MP milestone for asylum pledge

06 May 2010

Today Liberty announces the 1000th parliamentary candidate has signed up to the organisation’s asylum election pledge. By signing the pledge, which is promoted by Liberty, the Refugee Council and the Scottish Refugee Council, candidates agree to ‘never play fast and loose with the proud tradition of a nation that must always offer succour to those in genuine fear of persecution’.

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Binyam Mohamed: Torture and secrecy - Court of Appeal rules against Government a

04 May 2010

Today, two months after the Court of Appeal’s explosive judgment concerning knowledge by the UK authorities of Binyam Mohamed’s torture in US custody, the Court has once again rejected a Government attempt to subvert open justice.

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Nearly £3,500 raised for Liberty's new home by marathon runners

26 April 2010

Two people have gone the extra mile to help us raise funds for a much-needed new office. Kate Watkin and Lee Rodwell ran 26.2 miles around the streets of London on Sunday 25 April and raised £3,367 for the Civil Liberties Trust.

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'There is no place for racism in modern British politics' Party leaders agree on importance of refugee protection

22 April 2010

Today Liberty, the Refugee Council and the Scottish Refugee Council announced that Gordon Brown, David Cameron, Nick Clegg and hundreds of other parliamentary candidates have signed up to the organisations’ asylum election pledge.

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DNA database debate – truth and illusion

09 April 2010

Today Liberty’s director responded to suggestions that the case of Sally Anne Bowman was only solved by holding the DNA of unconvicted individuals on the database. This could not be further from the truth

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Liberty response as Conservatives drop opposition to Crime and Security Bill

08 April 2010

Today the Tories dropped their opposition to the Crime and Security Bill, but pledged to amend the DNA database provisions it contains if they win the General Election.

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Open letter from politicians and human rights groups calls for independent torture inquiry

22 March 2010

Liberty has joined forces with Amnesty International UK, Human Rights Watch, Reprieve and the all-party parliamentary group on extraordinary rendition to call for an independent inquiry into the UK’s involvement in torture.

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Liberty Director challenges security services’ dismissal of torture scandal exposure in lecture

18 March 2010

In a speech at the old university of the Director General of MI5, Shami Chakrabarti, Director of Liberty, will hit back at the Chair of the Intelligence and Security Committee and other critics of lawyers and campaigners who have exposed the torture scandal.

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Liberty response to Foreign Office report on torture

18 March 2010

In a report released today the Foreign Office said that Britain must continue to work with international intelligence agencies in the fight against terrorism, including agencies in countries which abuse or torture detainees.

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Bryant inquest abandoned as new information about previous child sex offence revealed

02 March 2010

The inquest into the death of Naomi Bryant – killed in 2005 by convicted sex offender Anthony Rice – was today abandoned as new information about public authorities’ knowledge of the killer was revealed.

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