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‘What about the victims?’ - Inquest and Liberty hold parliamentary meeting on Government plans for secret inquests

18 March 2009

Inquest and Liberty held a parliamentary meeting today on the secret inquest provisions of the Coroners and Justice Bill. Chaired by Frank Dobson MP, parliamentarians were addressed by Susan Alexander, bereaved mother of Azelle Rodney who was shot dead by the Metropolitan Police in 2005, Helen Shaw, Co-Director of Inquest and Shami Chakrabarti, Director of Liberty.

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Liberty wins ruling against Home Secretary over Harmondsworth disturbance

17 March 2009

The Court of Appeal has ruled today that the Government was wrong not to order an independent inquiry into allegations of mistreatment at Harmondsworth immigration detention centre in 2006.

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‘But what about the victims?’ - Inquest and Liberty to hold parliamentary meeting on Government plans for secret inquests

16 March 2009

Inquest and Liberty will hold a parliamentary meeting on the secret inquest provisions of the Coroners and Justice Bill.

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Coroners and Justice Bill could allow black-listing databases

06 March 2009

Information-sharing powers in the Coroners and Justice Bill could allow the creation of databases like those seen in today’s construction industry black-listing scandal.

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Liberty urges MPs to vote down control orders

02 March 2009

Parliament will tomorrow debate whether the controversial control orders system will be renewed. Control orders, established in 2005, allow terror suspects to be tagged, confined to their homes and banned from communicating with others indefinitely without charge or trial.

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Happy Birthday Liberty

24 February 2009

75 years ago today the human rights group Liberty (the National Council of Civil Liberties) was launched by a group of high profile figures of the day including HG Wells, Harold Laski, Vera Brittain and led by Ronald Kidd.

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Court of Human Rights rules indefinite detention without charge wrong

19 February 2009

In a judgment today, the Court of Human Rights has upheld the Law Lords 2004 landmark ruling that indefinite detention without charge for foreign terror suspects in Belmarsh prison was disproportionate and unlawful.

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Foreign Office claims Obama blocking torture judgment

04 February 2009

In a High Court judgment handed down today it emerged that the British Government, in an attempt to prevent full disclosure of the UK involvement in torture, told the Court that disclosure would harm the intelligence sharing relationship between the US and the UK.

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Liberty and the American Civil Liberties Union build “new special relationship”

27 January 2009

Executive Director of the ACLU, Anthony Romero, and Liberty Director Shami Chakrabarti have met with Government officials and leading Parliamentarians with the purpose of establishing a new Anglo-American alliance based on respect for civil liberties and human rights.

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Liberty issues asylum election warning

21 January 2009

In a speech to be given tonight, Liberty director Shami Chakrabarti will emphasise the importance of protecting asylum seekers in political debate and call for politicians to sign Liberty’s Asylum Election Pledge.

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