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Justice for All: help us fight proposed cuts to legal aid

In November the Government announced proposed cuts of around 15% to the legal aid budget in England and Wales. If implemented these proposals mean that many people with legal problems involving employment, welfare benefits, debt, immigration and family breakdown will only receive assistance if they can afford to pay for it.

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Undercover policing and public trust

On Monday morning Liberty hosted a seminar, Undercover Policing and Public Trust, on the infiltration of peaceful protest groups that has been under scrutiny in recent weeks. In one of the most important contributions to the debate so far, our guest speaker, Sir Hugh Orde, called for an end to self-authorised operations and recommended that independent judicial authorisation would be more appropriate.

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The Holocaust and human rights

Trying to understand the scale of suffering and the millions of lives destroyed under the Nazi regime can be overwhelming. But on Holocaust Memorial Day it is up to all of us to turn and face it, so that the pledge of ‘never again’ can truly become a reality.

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Should those who oversee the police be directly elected?

Should those who oversee the police be directly elected? This was the question posed to Liberty’s director as she gave evidence to the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill committee today. This Bill proposes to abolish Police Authorities and replace them with directly elected ‘Police and Crime Commissioners’.

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