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Police powers must be reduced – not increased

Posted on 10 May 2020

Liberty has responded to the Prime Minister’s statement today (Sunday 10 May 2020) criticising the Government for creating more confusion while ramping up fines for those who get it wrong.

Rosalind Comyn, Liberty policy and campaigns officer, said: “Today’s announcement creates more confusion over what we can and can’t do, while facing even greater penalties if we get it wrong. The powers handed to police were too broad in the first place and resulted in heavy-handed policing at a time of severe anxiety for us all. If there is a general easement on the lockdown, the police powers must be reduced – not increased. Such vague guidance is particularly concerning for communities that are already over-policed and suffer from ill-treatment due to wide discretion in police powers and guidance. Instead of narrowing these sweeping powers, the Government is ramping up fines for falling foul of an unclear lockdown.”

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