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Liberty response to Rwanda Emergency Legislation

Posted on 06 Dec 2023

In response to the Government publishing its ’emergency’ Rwanda legislation, Akiko Hart Interim Director of Liberty, said:

“Either we all have human rights, or none of us do. This new Bill is an extraordinary attempt to rip apart the basic principles of our human rights protections. The Government should not be allowed to pick and choose when our fundamental rights apply.

“The Government’s attempt to override the Supreme Court’s finding of fact that Rwanda is not a safe country is nothing short of constitutional vandalism and an attack on the separation of powers.

“This Bill will make it nearly impossible for the courts to do their job and to scrutinise the actions of the Government, and it will put refugees’ lives and livelihoods at risk.

“Our rights are too important to be thrown away for cheap political points. We urge Parliament to reject this shameful Bill and protect our human rights.”

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