Protest rights

Liberty response to prosecution of woman protesting outside court

Posted on 25 Sep 2023

Responding to the prosecution of Trudi Warner for holding a rights of jurors placard outside a London Court, Sam Grant, Advocacy Director at Liberty, said:

“This decision is concerning – especially when seen in the wider context of increasing attacks on our right to protest. We all have the right to make our voices heard on issues that matter to us, but this government has continually narrowed our options for standing up for what we believe in.

“As well as limits on how we can protest, we are also seeing the erosion of available defences for protestors, which has led to a situation where juries are the last line of defence for people facing imprisonment for protesting.

“Any government that claims to care about freedom of expression must reverse the restrictions on protest put in place through the Policing Act and Public Order Act, and commit instead to protecting our right to protest.”

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