Immigration detention

Liberty responds to news Government will hold public inquiry into Brook House abuse

Posted on 06 Nov 2019

Liberty has branded the Home Office’s reluctance to hold a public inquiry into abuse at Brook House detention centre in 2017 “shameful”.

The human rights organisation criticised the Government for not taking action sooner in response to an announcement that a public inquiry will take place.

Sam Grant, Liberty policy and campaigns manager, said:

“The Home Office’s reluctance to properly investigate the abuse of people detained at Brook House is shameful and should concern us all. It should not have taken legal action to force the Government to launch a public inquiry.

“Every year tens of thousands are locked in UK detention centres with no idea when they will be released, causing huge mental torment. This inquiry must focus the Government’s mind on the irreparable harm that immigration detention causes and move us towards a more humane system – including a 28 day time limit.”

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