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Liberty responds to Met Police officer’s GBH charge for taser injuries

Posted on 01 Apr 2022

Liberty has responded to the news that a Metropolitan Police officer has been charged with Grievous Bodily Harm after a man suffered life-changing injuries when he fell from a wall after being tasered.

Emmanuelle Andrews, Policy and Campaigns Manger, said: 

“What Jordan Walker-Brown experienced at the hands of the police was horrific, and it’s right that the officer responsible be held to account.

“Tasers can and do kill, or leave people with life-changing injuries, but too often we see officers reaching for these weapons. This frequently has the result of unnecessarily escalating situations, inflicting extreme pain and traumatising people and bystanders. Often those targeted are from black and other marginalised communities, and those experiencing mental health crises.

“What people may not know is there a bid to make these lethal weapons more widely available. Liberty has long been calling for the Government to roll back their use, and this case underlines why. The Government claims it wants to create safer communities. But for us all to feel safe, and this must include young black men, we need to see these dangerous powers removed.”



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