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Liberty responds to hate crime revelations

Posted on 08 Oct 2021

Liberty has responded to news revealed by Liberty Investigates, in partnership with the Times and ITV News, that the rate at which police across England and Wales are resolving hate crime cases has plummeted.

Sam Grant, Head of Policy and Campaigns at Liberty, said: “We all want to feel safe in our communities and know that if we ever become the victim of hate crime, and have the bravery to come forward, our experience will be listened to and taken seriously. Sadly, these shocking findings will come as no surprise to the victims of hate crime, who are more likely to come from communities who have long been overlooked at best by police, and are most likely to face routine police discrimination and accompanying misuse of power.

“The Government must listen to the communities who both experience hate crime and are most likely to be failed by the police. Giving the police more powers will not fix this. Ministers must look to alternative solutions that centre the experiences of victims to build trust and keep people safe from abuse.”

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