Liberty responds to Child Q report

Posted on 18 Mar 2022

Liberty has responded to a safeguarding review which revealed that in 2020 a black schoolgirl was strip-searched by police after teachers wrongly suspected that she was carrying cannabis.

Jodie Beck, Policy and Campaigns Officer at Liberty, said: 

“Every child should be able to attend school without harassment or discrimination. But Child Q was subjected to traumatic and dehumanising treatment at the hands of the police – something that no child should ever experience.

“Liberty stands in solidarity with all those protesting today against the horrifying events revealed this week, and against the presence of police in schools. Whether it be the experience of Child Q or the recent damning IOPC report, it is clear that racism and misogyny runs through policing. Instead of keeping people safe, policing practices such as these worsen injustice, alienation and exclusion.

“These revelations show why the Government must not hand even more powers to the police. Instead we need to have meaningful discussions about how we can better keep communities safe, and prioritise solutions which have human rights and social justice at their heart.”

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