Liberty responds to Baroness Casey’s review into Metropolitan Police

Posted on 21 Mar 2023

Liberty responds to Baroness Casey’s review into Metropolitan Police, Jodie Beck, Policy and Campaigns Officer at Liberty, said:

“The Casey Report adds to the endless pile of evidence showing that institutionalised racism, misogyny and homophobia runs through British policing. We all want to feel safe in our communities, but today’s report once again shows that this is often not the case for so many people – including women and marginalised communities.

“It’s shocking that even as more and more horrific stories are breaking about the conduct of serving officers, far from stripping away the powers that make these abuses possible, the Government continues to hand even greater powers to the police.

“It’s deeply concerning that the current political thinking across the board appears to prioritise increased police powers, when we know that the powers of the police are so broad that they will always be open to abuse.

“While we welcome the acknowledgement that the Met is institutionally racist, misogynistic and homophobic, we’ve seen report after report and still nothing changes. Reform is not enough. Instead, we must have meaningful discussions about how we can better keep communities safe, and prioritise solutions which have human rights and social justice at their hearts.”

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