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Govenment’s Rwanda Plan Ruled unlawful

Posted on 15 Nov 2023

Responding to the the Supreme Court judgment that the Government’s Rwanda deportation plan is unlwaful, Interim Director of Liberty, Akiko Hart said:

“We all have the right to live safe and flourishing lives. The Government’s extreme and inhumane plan to send people seeking asylum to Rwanda violates those rights – and the courts agree.

In this country, we have important checks and balances that protect us all and stop the Government from violating our rights. This system protects people from irreversible harm such as torture and death. And it protects everyone in the UK by safeguarding our rights and dignity and allowing us to seek justice when we need it.

This Government is dismantling the protections that keep us safe and allow us to challenge injustice. They are trying to change the rules so that only they can win. We all have human rights by virtue of being human, no matter how hard the government tries to divide us. We must protect everyone’s human rights – especially those seeking safety and protection from harm.”

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