Full LGBTQ+ equality is long overdue

Posted on 26 Jan 2022

Liberty has responded to today’s statements from the Equality and Human Rights Commission on upcoming LGBTQ+ legislation

Full LGBTQ+ equality in the UK is long overdue and so today’s announcements from the Equality and Human Rights Commission are beyond disappointing.

At a time when the Government is undermining the rights of everyone in the UK, from protest to equal access to voting, we need a regulatory body that stands up for rights and freedoms. The EHRC is doing the opposite. It is putting obstacles in the way of equality by adding further unnecessary delays to vital legislation and undermining the health and well-being of LGBTQ+ people in the process.

For the EHRC to make such a damaging intervention calls in to question whether it is serving its purpose and Liberty supports the calls for the EHRC’s status as a national human rights institution (NHRI) to be reviewed.

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