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Civilians and soldiers deserve better than the Overseas Operations Bill

Posted on 04 Nov 2020

Liberty has responded to the Overseas Operations Bill passing its third reading in the House of Commons with no amendments.

Nadia O’Mara, Policy and Campaigns Officer said: Civilians and soldiers deserve better than this Bill. Justice and accountability are values which should underpin how the Armed Forces operate – but this vote only moves that further out of reach.

If it becomes law this Bill will do nothing to address the Ministry of Defence’s long running failure to properly investigate allegations of wrong-doing. But it will decriminalise torture after five years have passed, while watering down our human rights laws so that vital protections for soldiers and civilians alike are at risk of being chipped away bit by bit.

Accountability should never have a time limit, and justice shouldn’t be reserved for some but taken away from others. It’s now up to the House of Lords to make that case.


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