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Whether you voted leave or remain, you didn’t vote for fewer rights after Brexit – but that’s what’s at stake on 12 June as MPs vote on the EU Withdrawal Bill. Tell your MP to vote for human rights today.
Union flags and EU flags outside the Houses of Parliament
“Without the general principles I would have lost my case against the absurd injustice of unequal pension rights.”
Liberty client John Walker

On 12 June MPs will vote on the EU Withdrawal Bill – their last chance to make sure we don’t end up with fewer rights after Brexit. Email your MP today and tell them to vote for human rights.

The Government promised the Withdrawal Bill would be a copy-and- paste exercise to maintain legal continuity and certainty after we leave the European Union. 

Brexit secretary David Davis said it was supposed to make sure “the same rules and laws will apply the day after exit as before”.

But they’re breaking that promise and using Brexit to take away our human rights laws – because they inconvenience the powerful.

They have singled out certain laws that they refuse to bring home – the Charter of Fundamental Rights and the EU law general principles, which enshrine our right to equality.

In April, the House of Lords saw this opportunistic move for what it was and added what Liberty, Amnesty International and Stonewall have called a ‘People’s Clause’ to the Bill – a set of crucial amendments to make sure we keep our rights after Brexit.

They voted to keep the general principles and the Charter of Fundamental Rights, and they rejected attempts to grant ministers unprecedented powers to rewrite our laws without proper parliamentary scrutiny.

Last chance to vote for human rights

The Lords’ amendments aren’t radical proposals. They’re simply about keeping the same protections against discrimination and the same checks on power that we have now.

It’s time for MPs to stand up for the people they represent. They must vote for human rights, for equality and for democracy on 12 June.

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