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The Civil Liberties Trust is a registered charity (No. 1024948) that works to promote human rights and civil liberties through research, policy work, litigation, education and advice. It works in parallel with Liberty and is based in the same building.

The Trust does not employ staff but pursues its objectives by funding Liberty to carry out specifically charitable work. Most of the Trust’s direct charitable expenditure is represented by grants to Liberty to fund work in the areas of information, research, publications, advice and legal services.

Civil Liberties Trust objectives

1. The promotion of domestic human rights including the elimination of the infringement of those rights and the promoting of effective remedies following any breach, for the benefit of the public.

2. The provision of legal advice, assistance and representation on human rights and civil liberties to those unable to pay for it.

3. The provision of educational material and information on civil liberties and human rights.

4. The undertaking and promotion of research into civil liberties and human rights.

Why are Liberty and the Civil Liberties Trust separate organisations?

Liberty is an unincorporated association made up of members, and a non-profit making company that employs staff and runs campaigns. The Civil Liberties Trust is a grant-making registered charity.

It is important that the different organisations exist. The division enables Liberty to pursue all the work necessary to protect and promote civil liberties and human rights, including, crucially, our political campaigning.

Donations to the Civil Liberties Trust can be gift-aided, meaning that the Civil Liberties Trust can claim back tax you have already paid on your donation, typically 25p for every £1. Visit the HMRC website to find out more.

Can I still donate to Liberty?

Yes! Although donations to Liberty cannot be gift-aided they can be used to support the full spectrum of work that Liberty undertakes. This is often the hardest work to fund, so is where our greatest need lies.

U.S. donors are able to make tax-effective gifts to the Civil Liberties Trust through CAF America. Please contact us for more information.

The Civil Liberties Trust director's report and financial statements

The 2018 financial statements can be found here


 Liberty is the trading name of The National Council for Civil Liberties  (Company number 03260840). Liberty is both a non-profit company that employs staff and runs campaigns, and a democratically-run membership association.

We also work closely with a charity called the Civil Liberties Trust.

Liberty office

Liberty employs staff and benefits from the support and dedication of our committed volunteers.

The work of the office is split into five broad areas:

  • Advocacy and Legal
  • Communications
  • Advice and Information
  • Development
  • Operations 

Each team contributes to Liberty’s campaigning objectives.

Find out more about Liberty's team.

Find out more about our work.

Policy Council

Liberty’s Policy Council meets three times per year and is responsible for policy-setting between Annual General Meetings.

The Council is made up of 30 Liberty members. Each year, 15 members are elected to serve for two years. New Council members take office immediately following the AGM.

See a list of Liberty's current Council Members.

Election to Council of Liberty

Members, affiliated organisations and local groups are invited to submit nominations for the vacant places on the Council.

Please use this form and return by 5.00pm, Thursday 7 March 2019 to submit your nominations.

Liberty Council meeting summaries

Liberty Executive Committee

From its members, the Council elects an Executive Committee, which meets at least eight times a year. It is responsible for the strategic direction, financial and other governance of Liberty. In addition, the Executive Committee appoints a Treasurer each year at their first meeting following Liberty’s Annual General Meeting.

See a list of Liberty's current Executive Committee.

The Liberty Exective Committee's report and financial statements for 2018 can be found here.

AGM resolutions

Members may submit motions for debate or constitutional amendment at the Members’ Conference & AGM. 

Liberty Constitution, amended 2007 (PDF)

Liberty Members' Conference and AGM 2020

Join us in London on Saturday 16 May for the 2020 Liberty Members’ Conference and Annual General Meeting.

We'll be meeting for a day of debate, discussion and decision-making at Holiday Inn Bloomsbury in London.

AGM - 10AM

The days kicks off with the business of the AGM and motions for debate.


All members and affiliates will receive notification of the motions for debate at the AGM in mid April 2020.

The deadline for submitting Motions is 5pm Thursday 5 March 2020. Please use this form to submit a motion.

Please note that this is for Liberty members only. If you would like to become a member you can join online or call our Membership team on 020 7378 3663.


In the afternoon we are opening up the Liberty conference to non-members. Come along for a discussion and a panel event.

We look forward to seeing you there!

The Civil Liberties Trust

Liberty works closely with the Civil Liberties Trust (CLT), a registered charity. The CLT has no staff, but commissions Liberty to conduct charitable work such as providing public advice and information.

It is important that the CLT exists as the division between the two organisations enables us to pursue all the work necessary to protect and promote civil liberties and human rights, including, crucially, our political campaigning.

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