Home Secretary accepts it was the Human Rights Act that saved Gary

The Home Office has today admitted that it was only the Human Rights Act which prevented Gary McKinnon’s unfair extradition. See the full text from their letter to Gary’s legal team below:

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Justice & Security Bill: The truth behind the jargon

Today the Coalition published its Justice and Security Bill, which seeks to elevate the authorities above the law and allow dirty secrets to be hidden from open Courts, the press and public. With its talk of Public Interest Immunity (PII), Closed Material Procedures (CMP) and Special Advocates, it’s a complex read. So let’s take a look at what it’ll all mean in practice…

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“Justice” and Security: Inquests are gone but so is judicial discretion

29 May 2012

Today Liberty warned that Government plans for Secret Justice are even worse than first imagined – and that the removal of Inquests has given cover for the removal of judicial discretion over Public Interest Immunity (PII).

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