Human rights groups from ten countries launch INCLO to reshape rights landscape

11 October 2013

In response to increasing restrictions on personal freedoms and civil protest, independent national human rights organisations from ten countries today launched the International Network of Civil Liberties Organisations (INCLO). They also released “Take Back the Streets: Repression and Criminalisation of Protest Around the World,” a collection of nine case studies showing patterns of police crackdown and abuse against peaceful assembly, accompanied by concrete recommendations to expand free speech.

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Police target cyclists during Olympic opening

So the Metropolitan Police used the opening of the Olympics on Friday evening to have another go at Critical Mass, the monthly mass cycle ride around central London. It’s clear that the Met don’t like these slightly chaotic – there are no organisers and no planned route – pro-cycling outings on the last Friday of every month.

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Occupying the moral high ground

It’s always sad to see forced eviction marking the end of a non violent demonstration but credit must be given to the overwhelming majority of Occupy protesters who went as they came – in peace.

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Liberty demands judicial authorisation for undercover policing following HMIC report

02 February 2012

Today Liberty repeated its call for undercover officers to be authorised by the Courts after a new HMIC review of covert policing failed to go far enough.

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Protest - Your Rights

The right to peaceful protest – crucial in any free democracy – is a particularly hot topic right now. With the recent student march and the ongoing Occupy London Stock Exchange demonstration, protest is well and truly in the news.

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Liberty client takes kettling challenge to Court of Human Rights in landmark hearing

13 September 2011

On Wednesday Liberty client and kettling victim George Black is taking his fight to a landmark hearing at the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

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Your precious right to protest

With the Government’s austerity measures beginning to kick in, protest and the authorities’ response to it is becoming an even bigger issue for Liberty. Much of our concern is focused on police heavy-handedness (kettling, pre-emptive action to prevent embarrassing protests) but what about circumstances when the police are too “light-handed” and refuse to provide any support to protesters?

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Smiley Culture protest: powerful but peaceful

Last Saturday saw Liberty’s independent legal observers out in force again, this time at the request of family members of Smiley Culture, the reggae star who died during a police raid on his house in March this year.

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Liberty publishes report on policing of the TUC March for the Alternative

18 April 2011

Today Liberty published its report on the policing of the TUC March for the Alternative. The human rights group concluded that the official demonstration was overwhelmingly peaceful, and that the Metropolitan Police’s response was on the whole proportionate. However, Liberty’s concern with the police’s constant focus on the practice of ‘kettling’ remains.

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Liberty responds to TUC march

At the joint invitation of the TUC and Metropolitan Police, Liberty (the National Council for Civil Liberties) posted around 130 independent legal observers to monitor the policing of the March for the Alternative.

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