The fight that's never done

We might not look it, but next Monday Liberty turns 80. To help celebrate, we’re currently hosting an Anniversary Exhibition at St-Martin-in-the-Fields in London – the very place our founders first met, 80 years ago. We invited Liberty members to come and join us at the exhibition for a special members’ day. Here’s an edited version of what our Chair, Frances Butler, had to say as she welcomed our members to the special event...

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Back to school...

This week marked the return of Parliament and the Prime Minister's Cabinet shuffle, aimed at ending all "dithering". This is particularly pertinent when you consider some of the plans the Government are attempting to push through.

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Liberty AGM 2012

We were delighted with the outstanding attendance at our Members’ Conference and Annual General Meeting on Saturday. On the hottest weekend of the year to date, Liberty supporters from across the country did us proud by giving up their time to flock in droves to the event.

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With the help of your organisation we can continue to campaign against threats to our fundamental freedoms-- whether they be the erosion of personal privacy, over-broad police powers, or restrictions on free speech and peaceful protest.

Affiliate membership rates depend on the size of your organisation. For further information, please contact our membership office on 020 7378 3663 or by email at Please note that all affiliate applications are submitted to Liberty’s Executive Committee for approval as a matter of course.

Affiliate membership entitles representatives from your organisation to attend Liberty’s AGM and take part in policy debates. You will also receive Liberty campaigning materials and quarterly newsletter.

Final push towards Liberty's new home

Liberty has been based in its current office for over 30 years, longer than many staff and volunteers have been alive.

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