Liberty, Leveson and the culture, practice and ethics of the press

Regrettably, confusing reports in today's media (Sunday 2 December) about Liberty's position on the Leveson Report make this statement necessary and that Report all the more important. Law and regulation is a complex area at the best of times and clarity is difficult when emotions run as high as they inevitably do on the vital issues of precious press freedom on the one hand and abuse of power and violations of privacy on the other.

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Liberty responds to Leveson Report

29 November 2012

Today Liberty welcomed the principal Leveson Report recommendation of a more robust and independent press self-regulator whose members enjoy appropriate legal rewards. Liberty would be unable to support the Report’s last-resort alternative of compulsory statutory regulation, in what it hopes is the unlikely event of a media unwilling to respond.

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Halloween Spooktacular

It seems apt that the Home Secretary, Theresa May, gave evidence to the Draft Communications Data Bill Committee on today of all days; Halloween. The "spooktacular" that is the Snoopers’ Charter deserves a place on any good Halloween line-up - containing, as it does, frightening proposals to stockpile large amounts of communications data indiscriminately; amounting to blanket surveillance of the whole country.

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World Press Freedom Day

Today is World Press Freedom Day. Every year, on May 3, the fundamental principles of press freedom are recognised and celebrated. The state of press freedom across the globe is evaluated and people remember and pay tribute to journalists who’ve lost their lives doing the job they loved, like Marie Colvin who died covering the conflict in Syria earlier this year.

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Article 10: Freedom of expression

Article 10 of the Human Rights Act – freedom of expression – helps distinguish our country as the democracy it is. Free speech, often taken for granted, is vital to any open society. Ideas must be allowed to be shared to help inform debate and ensure accountability in government.

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The News of the World: No wonder they hated human rights...

This week has been like the final act/episode of a grand/soap opera (delete according to taste). First the bankers; then the politicians and finally the journalists. Three great houses of power and influence in Britain have broken our trust and fallen from grace.

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Five actions, five minutes

What have you got planned this weekend? A bit of shopping? Enjoying the Great British Summer and firing up the barbeque, maybe? Can you squeeze in fighting to protect civil liberties and promoting human rights as well? Yes you can!

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Liberty welcomes anti-terror police chief's concerns on briefings 

25 April 2007

Liberty today welcomed the condemnation of leaks to the media during anti-terror operations by the UK’s top anti-terror police chief Peter Clarke.

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