Liberty wins first battle in landmark challenge to mass surveillance powers in the Investigatory Powers Act

27 April 2018

In a landmark victory for privacy rights, the High Court has today ruled part of the Government’s flagship surveillance law, the Investigatory Powers Act, is unlawful – following a legal challenge from human rights campaigning organisation Liberty.

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European Court of Human Rights to hear landmark challenge to UK Government mass surveillance

06 November 2017

The case is the latest stage in a protracted effort from the organisations to challenge the UK’s extremely wide-ranging surveillance powers following startling revelations by the US whistleblower Edward Snowden. 

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Why we're part of a coalition of human rights organisations taking on the UK Government's mass surveillance regime

Next week brings a watershed moment in the battle to protect our privacy rights and the rule of law against mass government surveillance.

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Draft Investigatory Powers Bill: Liberty calls for full redraft as Committee report highlights major concerns

11 February 2016

Liberty is urging the Government to pause and undertake a full redraft of its landmark surveillance legislation in the light of growing concern from cross-party MPs, technology experts and rights campaigners that no operational case has been made for the unprecedented powers it proposes.

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The case for targeted surveillance

Go back just a few years and it’s doubtful you or your friends expected you were being spied on – persons of interest just because you’re people. Of course, thanks to Snowden and subsequent legal challenges by Liberty and others, we now know all too well that secret surveillance of the entire population has been the status quo for over a decade.

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Tracking, hacking and lip-service to safeguards: Liberty’s analysis of the Draft Investigatory Powers Bill

04 November 2015

  • Bill contains extensive new powers to track and hack – but few privacy safeguards
  • Liberty launches eight-point Safe and Sound plan for a secure and private Britain

The Draft Investigatory Powers Bill contains sweeping new powers for public bodies to track and hack British people’s communications – while failing to include the most basic privacy safeguards.

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Human rights in the headlines: a pro-Snowden James Bond and the spectre of the Snoopers' Charter

This was the week we learnt that James Bond’s latest incarnation is “sexily pro-Snowden”. As always, 007’s timing is impeccable – because this was also the week that saw the spectre of the Snoopers’ Charter return with a vengeance.

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These are our Games too

Tonight I had the honour of taking part in the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics. This fantastic spectacle, watched by millions, begins a sporting extravaganza involving athletes from across the globe. Competitors from over two 200 countries will strive to take home medals and pride in the pursuit and achievement of excellence at the global level.

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Liberty Director carries the Olympic Flag in opening ceremony of London 2012

27 July 2012

Tonight Shami Chakrabarti, Director of Liberty, participated in the opening ceremony of the London Olympic Games. The head of the campaign group joined human rights activists and athletes from across the globe in carrying the traditional Olympic flag into the stadium.

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